Dietary Fat, McDonald’s French Fries, and Science Evolving

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Gary Taubes and Malcolm Gladwell dive deep into dietary fat and the poor-quality science that led to the decline in Gladwell’s favorite order at McDonald’s.

The Soft Science of Dietary Fat

  • In 1988 U.S. Surgeon General’s Office aimed to write a report on the dangers of dietary fat 
    • In 1999, the project report was killed with the explanation that the subject matter was “too complicated”
    • The report was started with the conclusion already decided, but the scientific evidence behind this conclusion didn’t hold up
  • In the past few decades, avoiding dietary fat has become synonymous with being healthy
    • This notion is based on the fact that fat elevates blood cholesterol levels
    • Reduced-fat foods has become a major industry 
    • Encouraged by the Food Pyramid, which recommends fats be eaten sparingly
  • However, research has yet to prove a solid link between fat consumption and health
    • Those not already at high risk for CVD won’t necessarily increase their risk by consuming saturated fats
    • Healthy individuals can’t significantly improve their lifespan by eating less fat
  • Despite this mixed evidence, many Americans are plagued by a fear of fat 
    • Politicans, the press, and the public settled on dietary fat policy before the science was there to back it up

McDonald’s Broke My Heart

  • Gladwell wanted to discover why McDonald’s changed their fry recipe back in 1990
  • Went to a food research and development lab 
    • Did a taste test of the old vs new fries
    • Included people who had never eaten the old recipe 
    • All participants enjoyed the old recipe significantly more 
  • Discusses the story of Phil Sokolof, a famous businessman who suffered a heart attack at a young age due to high cholesterol 
    • He believed his condition was due to his high-fat diet
    • Begins heavily campaigning against saturated fats
    • Lobbies the big food companies to remove certain ingredients from their products 
    • Went after McDonald’s with a full page ad for cooking their fries in beef fat 
  • McDonald’s then announced they would switch their fry recipe
    • Other fast food giants followed suit 

The Basement Tapes

  • In this episode, Gladwell focuses on the findings of Robert Frantz whose father, Ivan, was a researcher at the University of Minnesota 
  • The podcast specifically focuses on Ivan’s work with the National Institute of Health
    • Was known as the National Diet Heart Study 
    • Wanted to see if there was a relationship between diet, cholesterol, and heart disease
    • This was a controlled study that focused on people within an institution rather than the general population
      • Allowed Ivan to control exactly what the patients were eating 
  • The results of the study showed that:
    • Patients on the low-fat diet did end up with lower cholesterol 
    • But the patients on that diet didn’t live any longer 
  • The paper wasn’t published for 15 years, at which point it was vague 
    • He then put a box with all the data in his basement
  • Then, Christopher Ramsden, a researcher at the NIH called Robert Frantz with the goal of recovering Ivan’s data
    • Ramsden is focused on the effects of low-fat replacements 

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