Fasting For Survival Lecture by Dr. Pradip Jamnadas

Written By Katherine O

In this hour and twenty minute video, Dr. Pradip Jammadas, an award-winning cardiologist, explains in a succinct and humorous way why fasting is so powerful. It is not a surprise to those of us who have seen it why this video has almost 4M views and 80,000 likes on YouTube.

Link to the original lecture online here: Fasting for Survival Lecture by Dr. Pradip Jamnadas

In an “eggshell” he explains that we’ve stopped listening to our bodies (and what has served them for ~2.5M years of human history) and instead they’ve very recently been hijacked by refined and processed foods that seriously damage our health.

Fasting he explains is one of the best ways to care for our health and fix many of the diseases our population experiences.

Bulleted summary of his video (so you can decide if you’d like to watch it):

  • “You’re extremely old, all of you. How old? About 2.5 M years old”
    • These are the genetics you still have now. Your food has only changed in the last 12,000 years agriculture started. Your genetics did not change as your genetics changed.
    • Vegetable seed oils (only came about in the last 10miliseconds in the entire year that your genetics has been around)
    • 1880 – we changed our grain and created flour (much more processed, less fiber, and less nutrient dense)
  • “Our body is made to fast and feast”
  • The relationship between the hormone insulin and fat
  • Myth busting:
    • Ketones can be used by your brain and every cell in your body!
  • Benefits of fasting:
    • Mental clarity
    • Energy
    • Allows you to release fat
    • Builds brain cells
    • Human Growth Hormone
    • Autophagy – Recycling cells and mitochondria
    • Stem cells – injecting them from the outside does nothing for you, but you can create them through fasting
    • Treatment for cancer
    • Autoimmune diseases / Anti-inflammatory
    • Leaky gut
    • Dementia / Alzheimer’s
  • Water / electrolytes
    • Addressing headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Hunger
  • Who should IF vs. extended fast?
  • We’ve been bamboozled by Big Food industry
  • How genes are expressed with what you eat!
  • Vitamin D3 and gene expression
    • When we went on a low-fat diet we all became Vitamin D deficient
  • Fruit: over-rated
  • Protein =
    • IGF-1
      • Turns on MTOR
        • Builds muscle
        • Decreases autophagy
        • Increases your risk of cancer
        • All the protein you need is: .35g/lb of body weight
        • Don’t need as much as you think! 99% of us don’t need more protien.
  • Growth hormone
    • Relationship w/cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • Sugar
    • Turns on RAS-PKA
      • Turns off autophagy makes you more inflammatory
      • Causes insulin resistance
      • It isn’t natural, it is totally processed (even the “raw” sugars)
  • How to avoid disease? Don’t get old.
    • Best way to stay young, fast!
  • How to start a fasting
  • Refeeding syndrome:
    • How to avoid it
    • Phosphate
  • What to do about medications on a fast
    • Take control of your life and work with your MD
    • Your blood pressure
  • Very few patients go back to eating 5x/day because they love it!
  • No longer calories in/ calories out — it is how your body responds to them — it is hormonal
  • 7-day water only fast (studies out of Boston) show that your likelihood of getting cancer decreases by 70%
      • Your cancer cells are going to die off first

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Dr. Pradip Jamnadas is the founder and medical director of Cardiovascular Interventions and has practiced in Central Florida for over 31 years. Widely recognized for his skill in interventional cardiology Dr. Jamnadas has been awarded Orlando Top Doctor by Orlando Magazine consecutively for over a decade.


He is on staff at AdventHealth Orlando, and teaches medical students as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Florida State University, the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and residents in Florida Hospital’s teaching programs.


Educated in England, at the University of London College Medical School with internships in London and Kent, he completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of Maryland and his cardiology fellowship at Yale University. In addition he completed an interventional cardiology fellowship at St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI.

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  1. Talus

    I love this MD. Such a powerful presentation. Our biology is millions of years old and our modern way have eating has only come about in a few hundred years (or less). A 7-day water only fast decreases your likelihood of getting cancer by 80%+ WOW.


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