Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartment Problem

Written By TFF Team

Dr. Jason Fung

Video from Low Carb Vail 2016

The birds-eye view of this video:

  • Why Biggest Loser & Calories In Calories Out (CICO) doesn’t work (and patients return to previous weights after ~6 mo.)
  • Metabolic slow-down doesn’t apply to fasting
  • Insulin and how fat is actually stored in our body
  • Burning muscle – disproven with patient data!
  • How do you actually lose weight
  • Starvation mode – why this doesn’t occur during fast
  • “Women shouldn’t fast” argument disputed
  • Pros of fasting: free, no prep, so convenient, flexible, fit in with any diet, etc.
  • History and religion of fasting – Greeks, religion, why they do it!


A few other notes:

  • Dr. Jason Fung is arguably the biggest leader in the of understanding the benefits of fasting for weight loss, reduction of Type 2 Diabetes, etc. and this video succinctly summarizes much of his hypothesis
  • One compartment (the way he describes it) means Calories In – Calories Out and he believes this to be an oversimplification that distorts our understanding of how we actually store and release fat (we agree!)
  • The Two Compartment Problem gets at the role the hormone insulin plays in our bodies ability to release stored fat

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