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Welcome! We’re so happy you are here. Fasting has improved our lives and the lives of so many others. This ancient technique has resurfaced in recent years not just because it has a wide range of benefits that are particularly relevant today, but because it works.

Fasting is not only a path to physical wellness, it can be used to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual connectedness. Dang. What’s not to love?

Denise Testimonial

Denise, 52

“If it was not for finding this community, I don't believe I would have been successful. I'm not one for doing this alone and I have surrounded myself with other IF people and it has been such a benefit to me personally because I know when I'm struggling, I can reach out and get encouragement to keep going and vice versa."


Jon Testimonial

Jon, 38

“My eyes are finally open to the sham that is the FDA, food pyramid, and the dangers both mentally and physically of carbs and sugar. I have dropped 180 lbs doing keto and Intermittent Fasting. I feel invincible physically and my mental clarity is amazing!"


Lauren, 32

“I love getting excited to put on clothes!! The weight I've lost around my trouble areas is weight I've always struggled with, and eventually gave up on for a while thinking it was just my body type, but fasting showed me that I can lose that weight! I learned it's more about my insulin levels and hormones and once I can control those hormones through fasting, the sky's the limit!"

Carol Testimonial

Carol, 55

“At 55, fasting has changed my life forever... I would never be without my fasting. ANYONE CAN FAST and EVERYONE SHOULD FAST It is simple, free, and ABOVE ALL An AMAZING,  HEALTHY and NATURAL  'LIFESTYLE CHOICE' "

Elizabeth, 57

“I have been so amazed at the lightness in my body. My protocol is 18:6 and it is truly a game-changer. I can feel how much rest my digestion needed. The bloated belly that I just couldn’t shake has disappeared"

fasting flamingo

You’ve already taken the first step

You have taken the first step by being here. Now, we’re here to help take you a few more.

The data on fasting is compelling. But, it can be hard to know where to begin. There are so many varieties of fasting, how do you know which is the best for you? How do you get past tough cravings and not quit? What are ketones anyway? Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this. We’re here for you.

fasting flamingo

Where to begin?

If you would like some guidance and support as you create your individualized approach, click here to sign-up for a free trial, which includes a free 30 min personalized coaching session. We can answer your most pressing fasting questions and help set you up for success.

Which type of fasting is right for you?

How does fasting work?

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