New Way to Accelerate the Benefits of a Fasting

Written By Claire C

In this video, Dr. Peter Attia explains some of the methods he uses to speed up the benefits we commonly associate with fasting.  He then goes into detail about how these methods work to deplete glycogen stores within the body.  

Watch the original video here:

The Bird’s Eye View:

  • Dr. Attia begins the video on the first day of his monthly 3-day fast
  • The goal of the video was to explain some of the tricks and tips he uses to speed up some of the benefits associated with fasting
  • More specifically, he talks about ways to induce autophagy while fasting 
  • Want to quickly trigger fat cells to release fat that can then be converted to ketones
    • “Fats” are actually triglycerides, which have 3 chains that can be converted to ketone
    • These chains are attached to carbons, which can be converted to glucose and returned to the liver 
    • This process allows the body to continue functioning during periods of nutrient deprivation 

A More In-Depth Look:

  • He discusses the importance of the “day one workout”
    • Want to deplete glycogen stores as much as possible 
    • He explains the importance of a high-intensity workout on this day
      • You can implement this strategy using a 1:1 workout to rest ratio (Dr. Attia says that he typically does 4 minutes on 4 minutes off)
      • He believes that this ratio is the most effective in depleting glycogen stores 
  • Mentions a podcast he did on fasting and nutrient sensing with Eileen White (you can find the original podcast here)
  • Nutrient sensing, and specifically glucose sensing, is an extremely important trigger for autophagy 

The Role of Glycogen in Fasting:

  • One of the major focuses of this video is the role of glycogen depletion in autophagy
  • Glycogen is stored in both the liver and muscles, and it acts differently in each location
  • In muscles, glycogen typically remains stuck, which from an evolutionary perspective allows the muscles to always have a supply of glucose when necessary 
  • The liver typically uses its glycogen stores to “buffer” glucose levels within the body
    • This is why glucose levels are typically consistent between individuals 

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Youtube Description:

[Zero’s] Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peter Attia, is breaking down how a workout can help put the benefits of your fast on the fast track. We’re breaking it down classroom style (complete with a whiteboard).

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