The Fasting Talk, Breathe, and Distract Method

Written By Claire C

In this article, fellow intermittent faster and author Mimi discusses one of her favorite strategies for getting through a tough fast. Mimi, who has already lost over 70 pounds through fasting, believes that the fasting lifestyle can be easy and fun, and we here at The Fasting Flamingo agree!

Read the original article here: The Talk, Breathe, and Distract Method

The Stigma of Fasting:

  • Those who’ve lost a significant amount of weight through fasting must be “superhuman” or have “incredible willpower”
  • Fasting is a hard process 
  • It’s a hard habit to build
  • The problem with this stigma is that it creates a mindset that weight and positive health benefits are nearly impossible to control
    • Although it’s true that society today does place an unfair emphasis on unhealthy foods and behaviors, it’s important that we take responsibility for our role in combating these

The Truth Behind Fasting:

  • Fasting can quickly become a solid habit
  • You may go through a short period of adjustment, but it then becomes almost second nature
  • It gets easier and easier the more you do it

How to Empower Yourself With Fasting:

  • Fasting allows you to gain an understanding that we are helpless against society’s emphasis on eating a lot and often
  • It also helps you accept that mild hunger isn’t something you need to squash as soon as you feel the slightest hint of it
    • This isn’t to be confused with true hunger, which is a sign you should be doing your best to eat more

The Talk, Breathe, and Distract (TBD) Method of Fasting:

  • The goal is to take oneself out of your autopilot response to hunger (eating) into a better understanding of your body’s ability to thrive through fasting benefits such as ketosis and autophagy 
  • Breathe:
    • Close your eyes, get into a comfortable place, and take a few long deep breaths
  • Remember: 
    • Remind yourself of your commitment to fasting
    • Reassure yourself that there’s no urgency in eating
  • Talk: 
    • Say out loud exactly how you feel
    • This could be what you want to eat, how you feel like you may be struggling, or your thought process for getting through the fast
  • Distract: 
    • With anything and everything to take your mind off of food
    • Some ideas The Fasting Flamingo would like to suggest:
      • Can you get out for a walk?
      • Do you have a closet, garage, or bathroom cabinet that needs organizing?
      • Is there a friend you’ve been meaning to call?
      • Is there a commercial-free (too many food ads) show that you enjoy watching?
      • Can you commit a random act of kindness?
    • It usually doesn’t take much, a brief distraction — especially one that fully engrosses you for 20 minutes can help tremendously.

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