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We are an inclusive community that combines motivation, science, and accountability to help you to achieve your physical and mental health goals through intermittent fasting.

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It’s about waaayyy more
than weight loss.

The benefits of intermittent fasting are powerful and life-changing.

Together, we’ll let go of old habits and unlock a fasting practice that builds self-confidence and a sensation of lightness. So that you may experience:

Ok, yes. Healthy, rapid weight loss (typically 0.5 -1.0 lb per day)

Preventing/reducing the need for medications for a number of chronic conditions

emotional wellbeing fasting

Improved emotional wellness


Boosts brain health, immune function, and energy levels

Preventing/reversing type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and LDL cholesterol

spiritual connection fasting

Deeper spiritual connection

Why The Fasting Flamingo?

Even when you know how transformative fasting is,

it can be hard to do this alone.

At The Fasting Flamingo we draw from scientific data about fasting to tailor protocols that align with your specific needs. Our experience and support helps members to overcome the challenges that often derail success in three specific ways:

1. Community: A critical element in reaching your goals is being part of a strong, compassionate community. Our approach is empathetic, supportive, judgment free, and most of all, fun.

2. Science: We use a science-backed, whole-health approach that addresses the root causes of weight gain and other health issues, helping members achieve real, lasting results.

3. Personalization: No two health goals are alike, because no two people are exactly alike. That’s why we create tailored programs based on your unique needs and objectives.

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Fasting challenges

Challenges get you

to lift off

Online community

Empathy & Support

when you need it most

Denise Testimonial

Denise, 52

“If it was not for finding this community, I don’t believe I would have been successful. I’m not one for doing this alone and I have surrounded myself with other IF people and it has been such a benefit to me personally because I know when I’m struggling, I can reach out and get encouragement to keep going and vice versa.”


Jon Testimonial

Jon, 38

“My eyes are finally open to the sham that is the FDA, food pyramid, and the dangers both mentally and physically of carbs and sugar. I have dropped 180 lbs doing keto and Intermittent Fasting. I feel invisible physically and my mental clarity is amazing!”


Carol, 55

“At 55, fasting has changed my life forever… I would never be without my fasting. ANYONE CAN FAST and EVERYONE SHOULD FAST It is simple, free, and ABOVE ALL An AMAZING,  HEALTHY and NATURAL  ‘LIFESTYLE CHOICE’ “

Find your perfect fasting schedule.




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At any level,
we can help

We know that it can be hard to know where to begin when you’re first exploring fasting. There’s so much information available, and every program, app, or expert has a different opinion about the “right” way to fast.

At The Fasting Flamingo, we’re focused on what will actually work best for YOU. We’ve studied it all and we’ll work with you to find out the best path forward, and support you along the way with coaching and community. As you go from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced in your fasting, we adapt and evolve with you.

Don’t worry! You’re not in this alone, we’re here for you.




fasting flamingo

Why Flamingos?

Three reasons:

First, flamingos are a great reminder that we are what we eat. They’re known for their beautiful pink hue, but that’s actually not their natural color! They turn pink because of the beta carotene in the shrimp and algae they consume. Theoretically, if you met a fasting flamingo you’d know, because they’d be a silverish-white!

Second, have you ever seen a solitary flamingo? They’re always in flocks – an idea foundational to our program.

Third, and importantly, flamingos symbolize joy, the unconventional, and fun.


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