Here’s to an even healthier you in 2022!

You’re pretty terrific right now! That said, we all have opportunities to improve our heath. For many of us, this starts with shedding pounds and restoring our insulin sensitivity. And, that’s what we’ll be doing together over the next 6-weeks thanks to the support, motivation and accountability this challenge provides.

Know that you could benefit from some help in keeping this year’s New Year’s Resolution?

Hurry and sign-up for this challenge, the fun begins Monday! We’ve only got spots for the first 20 people who register (it’s intentionally small so you really get 1-1 attention and it sold out last time!)

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Fasting weight loss challenge 2022

What does this fasting weight loss challenge include?

– Get a structured program tailored to YOU that fits your goals and keeps you on-track with your fasting each week.

– Join LIVE Zoom calls with other fasters to troubleshoot issues, share support, and remember why you’re seeing this through.

– Be part of a strong, supportive community of fasters that will push you to dig deep and bring out your best self!

– Spark your competitive-side with seeing how your progress compares to other fasters on the leader board.

– Are you unsure of what type of intermittent fasting protocol is right for you? We can help you find the right answer CUSTOM to you.

– Need a little support, motivation and accountability? We’ve got you!