What’s happening next week? Check out our new calendar!

(Need a little help figuring out how to use it? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for details.)

How do I use this calendar?

Members 🦩

  • Start by making sure the time zone at the bottom of the calendar is set correctly to your time zone. (See #1 in image above.)
  • Then add as many of the upcoming events to your personal calendar as you would like!
  • To add an individual event (see #2 in image above) by clicking on the event, then the little box with the arrow icon, and then the big blue “Add to Calendar” button. It will then give you the option to select whichever calendar (Google, Outlook, Apple, etc.)  you prefer.
  • To add ALL of the events to your calendar, click the “Subscribe” button at the top right of the calendar (see #3 in image above) . This will add all of our events to your calendar (then you can “Accept” or “Decline” depending on which you’d like to attend) and will keep you informed of new events as well as updates/changes to the schedule.

🎁 New to our community?

As our gift to you, you may pick one upcoming event you’d like to join us for and you can add it to your calendar following the process listed to the left.

This is ✨brand new✨ feature

If you run into any trouble using this new calendar, we’d love to hear about it. Please email us at your-friends@thefastingflamingo.com so we can get your issue resolved right away.

Thank you!