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The challenge is FREE. Members get extra perks including earning points for each fast and have the Monday night support call to help!

Up for the Challenge?

There are so many things to love about fasting. The weight loss, reduction in inflammation, the rest it gives your digestive track, the extension of your lifespan, cellular autophagy, increase in stem cells, and the list just keeps going.

On the first Monday of each month we fast together, because it is so much more fun that way. Plus, you’re much more likely not to cheat and to complete a long fast when you’re not in it alone.

If you’re brave enough to try it with us, join here:

I appreciate this forum where we can talk together and feel that we’re in good company. BRAVO everybody!!

The big message for me is that WE CAN DO IT!!!

I loved feeling I was part of a group doing this — having support, discussing it with others, and also a sense of wanting to finish with others. Knowing that others were doing it at the same time somehow made it easier for me to fast.

Thank you for getting me going on fasting again — and for getting me to experiment with a fast that was 50% longer than any I’ve done before!

Last Tuesday (thanks to the challenge) I finished my longest fast ever of 62 hours. My goal this week is to do a 72 hr fast from Saturday to Monday. It felt AMAZING to fast last week. I want that same feeling of high energy and mental clarity again this week.

You did a great job– getting us to think about how we would take care of ourselves, what we would drink/have on hand and how we would get through a rough patch. All of this helped me prepare and do things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I didn’t pay enough attention to when the calls were but enjoyed watching them afterwards and might not have managed to be on real-time anyway.


Everything was great. I like the people were given different options of shorter to longer fast so people could do whatever made them feel comfortable. And those who are doing shorter fast could be inspired by watching those doing the longer fast and the longer fast people could feel motivated to keep going as an example for those doing the shorter fast. All groups motivated each other

Doing these longer fasts of 24hrs + is really going to help me control my emotional eating as well as helping my “hangry” side disappear. Emotional eating is the reason i wanted to do longer fasts because i need to teach my body that i don’t need to eat just because i am bored or craving something. Re-learning what hunger is.

I am doing amazingly well so far and I am shocked but proud of myself. First time in my life i have fasted this long.

It was great!

When’s the next challenge?